The Benefits of an Estate Sale

If you are downsizing, relocating or taking care of the home and contents left from the passing of a loved one; an estate sale may be a helpful option.  Not only will it help clear the house for potential buyers, but the proceeds from the estate sale can help with moving fees, renovation costs, final expenses and more.

Sorting through items that you or a loved one have accumulated through the course of a lifetime can be a daunting and time consuming task.  By hiring Landmark estate sale company, the emotion of sorting is taken off your shoulders.  You may start to go through a box from the closet that has many memories and before you know it, it is dark outside and you have barely accomplished anything!  Our company has no personal attachments to the contents of your home, so the sorting can be done quickly and efficiently.  We will sort every box, closet and cupboard in the house for you.

Our advertising and marketing for each sale reaches thousands of potential customers.  We also target specific groups that have specialized interests (such as vintage toys, clothing, collector glass etc.).  By getting photos of your items in front of the eyes of the people who will be most interested, we increase revenue at the sale.

Finally, one of the most important services we provide, is a house that is ready to be sold or rented.  Many real estate agents want your home clear for staging or open houses.  You also have the option to list your house before the estate sale begins, this adds so much value to our services.  People visiting the estate sale will be informed that the house is on the market and may be provided with your agent’s contact information.  People coming to see the house may also buy something from the estate sale.  It is like having an open house that sees hundreds of people instead of just a few couples.

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