Before We Visit

If you are considering our services, it is most important that you do not throw anything away or donate any items before we visit.  Many people donate or dispose of items before calling us and there is not enough left to carry out an estate sale.  Another important step you should take is to decide what you and your family would like to keep.  Make sure that any items you do not want to sell are removed or clearly marked (we recommend using sticky notes).  When we visit your home we can assume that the marked items will not be part of the estate sale and it makes the consultation easier.

It is not necessary to sort any items before we visit, however, if there is a notable item that is in storage, we recommend unpacking it or taking a picture for us to view.  

Everything will be considered for the estate sale, since a “well rounded” sale draws the most customers.  Furniture, collectibles, kitchenware, tools, clothing, art and more help maximize your profits.  Even unexpired pantry items and household cleaners can be sold!